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What is the difference between NSString* mystring and NSString *mystring

Should I put the * for a pointer with the variable or with the class?

i.e. NSString *string or NSString* string ?

The point for me isn't that both work anyway, but to understand which is correct syntactically and why.

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Correct both ways, means the same as well. Just be careful of doing stuff like this:

NSString *a,b;

Should be

NSString *a,*b;
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It's all the same but the correct way of writing it is :

NSString *string1;

If you want to declare multiple values on a same line, you will have to write :

        NSString *string1, *string2;

and not 

         NSString *string1, string2;


         NSString* string1, string2;

Once you know that, you can do the way you like, and if you miss, the compiler will alert you.

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