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I am using wp_login_form() function to create a login form. The problem is that if I enter wrong username/password or leave the fields empty, it redirects to the default Wordpress login page.

I want to display error messages at my template page. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.

<?php $args = array(
    'echo' => true,
'redirect' => site_url(),
    'form_id' => 'loginform',
    'label_username' => __( 'Username:' ),
    'label_password' => __( 'Password:' ),
    'label_remember' => __( 'Remember Me' ),
    'label_log_in' => __('Login'),
    'id_username' => 'user_login',
    'id_password' => 'user_pass',
    'id_remember' => 'rememberme',
    'id_submit' => 'wp-submit',
    'remember' => true,
    'value_username' => NULL,
    'value_remember' => false ); ?>
<?php  wp_login_form($args); ?>
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check this Link !!! –  Dharmesh Jun 8 '11 at 5:53

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See this post, it worked perfectly for me, I just search how to get error. :)

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This isn't an answer, it is a comment. Also this isn't at all what op is asking about. –  Jake Jul 3 '13 at 16:56

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