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I have a function which runs when a button is clicked and that function will call another function to perform plotting, which is an animation composed by a series of loops. Problem is, after the program is run, it cannot be stopped unless pressing Ctrl+C which then cause the whole .exe to fail and require reopening it.

I want to make a Reset button, so to stop the loop from running, but how to pass a new variable from the interrupt to the existing function which is two level above the stack?

Thank You

edit @ 22:13 27/3/2011 (UKT)

a more clearer of what I am trying to do:

function push_calculate_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
    (List of parameters read in the GUI)
    fmain(list of paramters required to pass to the function, fmain)

that's first part of the code which linked directly to the GUI, the fmain looks like:

function fmain(List of parameters)
(List of calculations...)
fplotting(list of paramters for plotting)

in which the fplotting is where the animation comes out from, inside the fplotting:

function fplotting(list of parameters)
for i = 1:(end)
    (do the animation plot)

here is the loop where I want to stop when I press the reset button. coz if anyone press Ctrl+C when the animation is undergoing (looping), it will give an error and the exe file will crash and requires reopening it. So what I want it be able to stop it when someone press the reset button.

If I use persistent, the new value, after I press the reset button, it will not pass into the existing loop and break the loop... looks like I am looking for a way to update the parameter after I have change it outside the function


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Use exit or quit to exit the program

To stop the loop from running, you can use break or return from a function..

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I guess that's not the way to solve any GUI related problem... if you put return into you Callback, it will just return you with nothing; if you put "break", well, technically you can't put break coz you don't have a for / while loop in the callback function – Thomas Luk Mar 27 '11 at 12:58

Your best bet might be to use a PERSISTENT variable whose state you check at each iteration of the loop in function 2, and whose value you modify in the "reset"-callback.

reset callback

function reset_callback(hObj,eventdata,handles)
   %# "activate" persistent variable
   persistent breakThis
   %# set it to 1
   breakThis = true;

function with the loop

function functionWithTheLoop(someInput)
   %# "activate persistent variable
   persistent breakThis
   %# start loop
   for iter = 1:numOfIterations
      %# check whether you need to break out of the loop
      if breakThis
         %# reset the function value
         breakThis = false;
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I have just edited the question to make it more clear, hope it helps to identify my problem, thanks!! – Thomas Luk Mar 27 '11 at 21:27

You can use application data information, i.e. setappdata and getappdata:

% animation loop function
function loop(hFig)
   setappdata(hFig, 'run', true);   % here or somewhere else...
   while(getappdata(hFig, 'run'))

% GUI stop-loop btn callback
function stop(hFig)
   setappdata(hFig, 'run', false);

I guess that would work.

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@Thomas: Please leave comments using the add comment link. – SLaks Mar 27 '11 at 21:43

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