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i created a project by using this: https://github.com/gseitz/android-sbt-project.g8

When i start ensime in emacs to edit src/main/scala/Activity.scala i have red highlights almost everywhere. First highlight says by exemple in "import root.android.whatever" that android is not a member of root. But in sbt everything compile fine. How can i set ensime to work correctly with sbt + android-plugin ?

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Let Ensime know where it can find the android packages. Add a line to your .ensime file that contains the path to android.jar, for example:

:compile-jars (" [...] /local/share/java/android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms/android-10/android.jar")

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Thx it worked perfectly. –  Atol Mar 27 '11 at 19:55
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