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I am searching for the software that would be able to switch between installed Bluetooth stack, at least between Broadcom (Widcomm) stack and Microsoft stack, ideally between any installed stack.

Ideally, it could be all-in one package that installs several drivers and them allow to switch between them, but I do not expect that something like this exists, however, I would be surprised if no one has made any Bluetooth Stack switcher, cause lots of Bluetooth software projects work only under certain stack. I failed to google it, but I believe it's cause of the great number of people is asking how to just switch on stack to another when they need it for specific application and these posts make it difficult to find what I want.

Any help or information about this kind of software would be highly appreciated.

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On desktop Windows or WM/WinCE? –  alanjmcf Mar 29 '11 at 10:20

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