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I have a Vote button in a hidden Div which is loaded using pirobox.The triggering link is :

<div class="inliner"><a href="#vid_<%=c.id%>" rel="inline-1000-500" class="pirobox_gall1"><h5><%=c.title%></h5></a></div>

and in the hidden div, i have the following for my vote button:

<%=button_to 'Vote',vote_path(:format=>:js,:id=>c.id),:remote=>true%>

and in the controller i have:

def vote

        respond_to do |format|

           format.js  { render :layout=>false }


finally in my js.erb, i have: $('p#success_<%=@video.id%>').fadeIn('slow').delay(1000).fadeOut('slow');

when the trigger link is clicked, the pirobox is loaded with the hidden contents.When i click vote button, the vote is incremented and also the js.erb file is rendered.Everything works fine. But,now i close the pirobox popup.Then trigger it again and click the vote button.The Vote field is incremented, but the js.erb is not rendered :( How should i fix this?

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Let's clean a little your code;

Your button:

<%= button_to 'Vote', vote_path(c), :remote => true %>

Your controller:

def vote
  @video = Video.find(params[:id])

your js:

$('#success_<%= @video.id %>').fadeIn('slow').delay(1000).fadeOut('slow');

Now run Firebug and trace your ajax calls via cosole

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Thanks for your response.There's no problem with Ajax.The issue is with the pirobox popup.I had to place the voting mechanism outside the priobox overlay. –  user652922 Mar 28 '11 at 16:03

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