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I am trying to create the bokeh effect in digital image using Matlab. imdilate function. Below is the code attempted.

I= imread('bokeh 3.jpg'); 
imshow(I); axis off;
se = strel('diamond', 2);
ROI = double(roipoly); % select a closed polygon
ROI = uint8(ROI); % since original image was of type uint8

I2 = zeros(size(I)); % create a new image 
I2(:,:,1) = ROI.*I(:,:,1);
I2(:,:,2) = ROI.*I(:,:,2);
I2(:,:,3) = ROI.*I(:,:,3);
I3 = I-uint8(I2);
I_dilated = imdilate(I3,se);
imshow(uint8(I_opened)); axis off;
I_final= uint8(I2)+ uint8(I_dilated);
imshow(uint8(I_final));axis off

The problem is there is a visible line of the ROI selected along the taxi at the foreground. Is there anyone who knows how to eliminate the line so that the processed image looks natural?

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Without seeing the images, how can we help you? Can you post some links to them? – gnovice Mar 28 '11 at 16:50

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