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I'm a noob at Delphi but please help.

I have 7 TComboBoxes on a form. Their values are assigned to them using a SQL query from the same table called Numbers.

procedure TForm3.Button4Click(Sender: TObject);

Q2.SQL.Add ('Select num');
Q2.SQL.Add ('FROM numbers.dbf');
Q2.RequestLive := true;
cb1.Text:= '? ? ?';
cb2.Text:= '? ? ?';

Where cb1, cb2.... are TComboBoxes.

I'm trying to get them to test their values (all values are text) against one another when you click on them. Specifically, if you select cb1 = 1 from the dropdown, then if you select cb2 = 1 ...etc and you assign the same number, it should give you an error message

MessageDlg('Check Values: CB 1 and CB 2: Same Values Entered.',mtError, mbOKCancel, 0);

Which method would you recommend I use, I've been battling for two days now.

Thanks in advance!

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Create a new form with seven combo boxes (with Style := csDropDownList). Then, create a

  combos: array[1..7] of TComboBox;

and initiate it:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  combos[1] := ComboBox1;
  combos[2] := ComboBox2;
  combos[3] := ComboBox3;
  combos[4] := ComboBox4;
  combos[5] := ComboBox5;
  combos[6] := ComboBox6;
  combos[7] := ComboBox7;

Then you can just do

procedure TForm1.VerifyUniqueness(Sender: TObject);
  if LongBool(TComboBox(Sender).Perform(CB_GETDROPPEDSTATE, 0, 0)) then
  for i := low(combos) to high(combos) do
    if (Sender <> combos[i]) and SameStr(TComboBox(Sender).Text, combos[i].Text) then
      raise Exception.CreateFmt('The fields %s and %s have the same value.', [TComboBox(Sender).Name, combos[i].Name]);

and assign VerifyUniqueness to the OnChange event of each combo box. In addition, you need

procedure TForm1.ComboBoxesKeyUp(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word;
  Shift: TShiftState);
  if Key = VK_RETURN then VerifyUniquness(Sender);
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If I am not mistaken, the OnChange event is triggered when you are navigating through the open drop-down list with the keyboard. Raising an exception or displaying a dialogue in that case might not be an optimal way to indicate the violation of the rule. – Andriy M Mar 27 '11 at 17:25
@Craig: Now I use their names instead. – Andreas Rejbrand Mar 27 '11 at 17:37
@Andreas: Aah, now I understand why you wanted the integer. Using Names is better though. I'll cleanup my other comments. – Craig Young Mar 27 '11 at 17:44
@Andriy: Issue fixed. – Andreas Rejbrand Mar 27 '11 at 17:46
@Andriy: I insist. I have fixed the issue. The issue has been fixed. Thus, there is no issue any more. – Andreas Rejbrand Mar 27 '11 at 18:52

Validating each time a Combo Box's value changes does lead to a small inconvenience. If you want to swap the values of two Combo Boxes, you have to do so in a roundabout way.

  • Set the first to a temporary third value.
  • Set the second to the original first value.
  • Set the first to the original second value.

The following code provides a means to validate all Combo Boxes at any point in time. E.g. When the user clicks the Ok button. Of course, you could still call the method each time a value changes.

The code also uses an array of combo boxes as with Andreas Rejbrand's answer, so I'll not repeat that portion of the code.

procedure ValidateComboBoxes;
  LCombValues: TStrings;
  I: Integer;
  LDuplicateIndex: Integer;
  LComboValues := TStringList.Create;
    for I := Low(FCombos) to High(FCombos) do
      LDuplicateIndex := LComboValues.IndexOf(FCombos[I].Text);
      if (LDuplicateIndex >= 0) then
        raise Exception.Create('The value: ['+FCombos[I].Text+
          '] has been duplicated in the following Combo Boxes: ['+FCombos[I].Name+
          '] and ['+TComboBox(LComboValues.Objects[LDuplicateIndex]).Name+']');
      LComboValues.AddObject(FCombos[I].Text, FCombos[I]);
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Thank you. Mr Young and Mr Rejbrand you have helped me enormously. – Jake Mar 27 '11 at 21:35

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