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Im a student at the university of Antwerp.

For our course : Databases 2 : XML technology, we need to make a mashup site. I've chosen to make a City Trip Planner. (Get car route, get weather, get big attractions in cities etc..) This is all going very well and i found more then enough API's (who return XML).

Now how ever I'm looking for a Hotel/Flight API to find flights and/or Hotels.. however i can find anything that is free of charge !

I've been searching for quite a few days now and the only thing i've found is Hotwire (this one seems to return everything except a hotel name ! :/ and cleartrip (however the registery site doesn't work and i've kept on mailing them but they don't reply)

So i was wandering if any of you guys know any good ones ? or know any API directories.


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You can find an overview for hotel APIs here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1185961/travel-hotel-apis/… –  Dmitri Zaitsev Sep 16 '13 at 2:02

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api.hotelsbase.org is a free api that is in xml and no set up required

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Check out Travelfusion:http://xmldocs.travelfusion.com/ or Expedia Affiliate Network: http://developer.ean.com/

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