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i post lang_id var to get_lang.php with jquery for get lang array(json). but i can't access success data.

i am trying;

var r = $(this).attr('rel'); var v = data.r;

but i can't access because "r" is string :(

i try;

data.window[r] //etc... but not result

my "get_lang.php";

$lang_id = (int) ($_POST['lang_id']);

if($lang_id == 1)
     $lang['simle'] = 'aaa';
     $lang['array'] = 'bbb';

if($lang_id == 2)
     $lang['simle'] = 'ccc';
     $lang['array'] = 'ddd';

print json_encode($lang);

my js;

$.post("get_lang.php", { "lang_id": 2}, function(data){

   $('.lang').each(function() {

     var r = $(this).attr('rel');
     var v = data.r;




thanks for help.

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2 Answers 2


var v = data[r];

The dot notation interprets r as a string and not as a variable.

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:( result "undefined" –  Abdullah Aydın Mar 27 '11 at 16:10

I think maybe you need to tell jQuery the right content type. Put this at the TOP of your get_lang.php file

header("Content-Type: application/json");

And see if jQuery likes it.

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