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I'm building a small program that acts as an XMPP client and I am using the Smack library. Now, the server I am connecting to requires SSL (in Pidgin I have to check "Force old (port 5223) SSL"). I'm having trouble getting Smack to connect to this server. Is it possible?

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Take a look at this thread.


Essentially, you need to add these two lines to your code:

connConfig.setSocketFactory(new DummySSLSocketFactory());

where connConfig is your ConnectionConfiguration object. Get the DummySSLSocketFactory from the Spark source code repository. All it does is accept virtually any certificate. This seemed to work for me. Good luck!

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Yes, it's quite easy to achieve. Take a look at the ConnectionConfiguration class, and in particular the setSecurityMode method which accepts a ConnectionConfiguration.SecurityMode enum as a parameter. Setting this to "required" forces Smack to use TLS.

from the Javadoc:

Securirty via TLS encryption is required in order to connect. If the server does not offer TLS or if the TLS negotiaton fails, the connection to the server will fail.

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