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I have a little project I am working. I am writing django database to hold some data. I have one ManyToManyField.

I am using my own Manager and adding methods for convience. I have one that adds different tasks to the users to do list. These items can be assigned to many people and so on.

When I do this I am getting an IntegrityError What is the main cause of this? The exact error I am getting is.

...items_id may not be NULL

I would appreciate answer on how to fix this. Also an explanation on how this exception is thrown. I have been told to catch it. But I dont like things being thrown unless they need to be.

Please and thank you!

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Can you post the model and view in question? –  jMyles Mar 27 '11 at 21:38

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Turns out all I needed to do was clean out my database with a python manage.py sqlflush Everything was fine afterwards. I then added south to help with migrations in the future.

I would advise caution since sqlflush will return your database to back the state of the last syncdb.

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Create and add items to the model before saving.

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