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I am running a application form the shell script. Now I like to know the exit status of the application to know whether it exit normally or abnormally ( crash etc). How I know it? Example: ./mytestApp

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how is the question significantly different from your other post in stackoverflow.com/questions/5451297/exit-code-when-crashed ? –  shellter Mar 27 '11 at 18:53

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$? contains the exit status of the last command executed. So, if the last command was ./mytestapp, $? would contain its exit status immediately after (note that you can only retrieve this value once and it must be retrieved immediately after the command whose exit status you want to know). You may want to capture it in a variable, e.g.

# Continue doing whatever it is you're doing

This all assumes that you're using bash (sh and zsh will work as well, IIRC).

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Bash stores the last process' exit value in the special variable $?.

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You can use special variable $? which contains an exit status of the last comand.

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