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I am going to start a client/server project . This project consists of an exe(client) which will get installed in users PC. Client will communicate the data collected from the user pc to the website(Server). The content of the website(kind of social networking site) will be populated based on the data recieved from the client. The site can be perceived as a social networking site which will feed on the data recieved from the client. Occasionally, the server will send information to the client. The client will display the information recieved from the server to the user.

Any tips,suggestions that i need to consider before starting this project is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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What technologies will you be using to develop, what is your target user audience, how are you gathering requirements, how are you managing the project? –  Kasey Mohsen Apr 8 '11 at 14:16

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Personally, I prefer desktop application. Yet when developing net applications, you should take into consideration the benefit of browser based application.

I googled "web application vs desktop application"

and found http://www.vinnylingham.com/top-20-reasons-why-web-apps-are-superior-to-desktop-apps.html

both html5 and js are very strong today and can do almost anything the desktop application do.

But you really need to give more info for more advice.

Good luck

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