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I need to display some tabular data in a JSF page. I need some kind of grid component, but it is a must for it to have a pager and also to be able to sort the displayed data(example: by date created, alphabetically or simmilar...) Most probably i will start to create a custom component that fits all my needs, but i was wondering is is there any tag in JSF 2.0 or in some other library that already includes all this features. I would prefer not to use an external library like richfaces or similar just clean JSF 2.0. But if there is any good gadget out there i might give it a try.

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Have a look at the p:dataTable component from Primefaces. It has sorting, filtering, pagination, row selection and a lot more features.

Getting started with Primefaces is quite simple. Download the jar, put it in your classpath and add the following namespace definition to your facelet's html tag:

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