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I'm using AndroidTestCase for unit testing. I have a unit test which is failing, but I haven't figured out how to display output from it. For example, I don't see the values I print using Log.d or system.out.println in the console nor the logcat output. How do I view the unit test console?

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You shoud see the Log.d() messages in logcat unless your test is crashing much before (i.e in the constructor).

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Go to Debug --> Logcat. Make sure the LogLevel and Filter are correct as well.

See the screenshot from Android Studio 1.1.0

From Android Studio 1.1.0

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Just to be clear, if you're running an emulator you have to use adb logcat.

Also, make sure you're using the standard android.util.Log.d() to send your output.


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You probably disconnected the device/emulator and reconnected. You have to click on the device name again in the list in the Dalvik Debug Monitor for it to reload the logs and keep updating the output.

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