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I have a project on my localhost that is working, however on the production server it is falling over.

What I want to do is download the project off the server, and do a comparison over the two project directories to find out if anything is different.

Are there any programs out there that can do a diff on entire directories recursive?

I dont mind if it just tells me what files are different and I can do a manual diff on them.

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I use kdiff3 for such comparison.

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why not upload the local version or download he remote version, usually this is not a file issue, its a server set-up issue, your local set-up will probably not match your remote one , especially if its a hosted account and\or 2 different os's

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Kdiff3 like already mentioned is excellent, but if you just want a list of files with differences you can run

diff -r -q /localhost/project/dir /downloaded/server/project
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