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How does the entry point receive arguments from the command line? I looked through a disassembly of one and found it calls __getmainargs to obtain the arguments. Is there a way to "__setmainargs"? I know that CreateProcess does this already but I want to see how CreateProcess does this

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AFAIK the arguments are passed as a single string in memory, so in truth there is just ONE argument - the splitting into several is done by your program. The Kernel receives the argument from the CreateProcess() call and places it in a predefined memory location when setting up the new process.

But that is just my half-educated guess.

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At a Win32 level, the application will call GetCommandLine() at some point to retrieve the command line that was given to the CreateProcess() call. There is no corresponding SetCommandLine call, so after a new process is launched there is no way to "change" its command line arguments.

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