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I used cancan and I know about declarative authorization, but, it seems, they doesn't give an opportunity for roles to depend on custom variables.


  • Domains (,, - I need them in one DB and application.

  • Users (can have several roles)

  • Roles (each role works only in it's domain; abilities are editable)

  • ...

For example, I have a user, he's an owner of domain, but he's simple user in and in he's banned and can do nothing at all.

@current_domain is loaded in the before_filter (by the current_domain method) in application controller and current_user is loaded by devise. What's the solution to make authorization dependent on currently requested resource (like in cancan), current_user and current_domain (and maybe with other before_filter loaded variables)? Is there a solution in cancan or I should modify it or write my own custom authorization system?

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Did you check this? You can include whatever you want from the request in the ability calculation.

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That's great, thank you! – Alexander Ulitin Mar 30 '11 at 7:53
awesome find...been searching for this! – pruett Mar 19 '13 at 20:30

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