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What is the best structure for this Twilio project?

Phone numbers are POSTed and stored to be dialed at a later time (to be triggered by cron)

I have a controller to accept incoming POST requests and add the numbers to the database. I also have a rake task (called via CRON) that pulls all the numbers that need to be dialed.

Where should I place the method for making the actual call? Right now I have it in a controller, would it be better to have it as a module or a plugin?

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I use a controller to handle the twilio api calls, but my model contains the methods to actually send the calls.

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If someone feels like they need an example, I'd suggest you check out the Twilio tutorials. Full disclosure: I work for Twilio.

In the automated survey Rails example, we demonstrate a call flow using <Say>, <Record>, and <Gather> TwiML verbs. And we show you how to maintain conversation state in a database that spans multiple webhook requests.

Hopefully seeing how we've structured our app will help you get started on your own.

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I would put it in a model or a lib.

Could it be part of the model that the number is stored in? A Number#dial method perhaps?

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Making the call is just one of the methods related to handling calls. There are also methods for handling voicemail and user responses. I figured it would be best to have a separate container for all those methods, rather than sticking them all into the Customers controller that handles the incoming POST (number import) requests. – Marco Mar 27 '11 at 23:00

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