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I'm fairly helpless here guys so hoping for some good ideas easily executed.

Basically I have a form filed tied into Google Maps that will let someone type an address and assign it a lat/long. I'd like to add another one, store both of the inputs people enter and then calculate the "as the crow flies" distance.

I just want to give it an address and have it output how far those addresses are from one another, on a linear line. If it could show that on a map overlay, all the better.

I've been hunting for examples but everything I find has a lot of feature bloat. I just want some simple source code I could study doing this basic type of function.

This is where I am at currently:

Would LOVE any and all thoughts.

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Trevor gave the answer using the Google Maps API, but also check out this question, How do I calculate distance between two latitude longitude points?, and in particular, the link in the accepted answer.

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