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I need to do a Full Text Search with NO word stemming...I tried to wrap the term I'm searching in double quotes, but no joy... I still get results like "bologna" when I search for '"bolognalo"'

Any help is appreciated..

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Switch from using FREETEXT to CONTAINS.

I assume that you're currently using FREETEXT because stemming is automatically applied to FREETEXT queries, whereas CONTAINS doesn't use stemming by default.

A second, inferior, option is to specify language neutrality in your FREETEXT query:

FROM my_table
WHERE FREETEXT(my_column, 'my search', LANGUAGE 0x0)

If you use this then no other language-specific rules will be applied either (eg, word breaking, stopwords etc).

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Maybe setting the language of the fulltextindex to neutral will do the trick...

(Though, then you'd never get stemming at all...)

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After too many days spend in try, finally i can do these: I recreate catalog setting the language to 0 (neutral)

CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON table_name (DescriptionField LANGUAGE 0) KEY INDEX idx_DescriptionField ON catalog_name

and after in each query with contains i setted the language to 0

select * from table_name where contains(DescriptionField,'bolognolo',LANGUAGE 0)

Before i can't do these because I didn't do the first step

Thank you very much!

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