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I tried to make my program dump and save its stack trace when crashes. I installed my own win32 SE handler with _set_se_translator and tried to dump the stack trace with StackWalk64 and finally throw a C++ exception (which actually does the logging when caught).

The code looks like this:


void WIN32EXCEPTION::Win32ExceptionStuff(unsigned int Code, struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS* Info) // static
    STACKFRAME64 sf64;
    sf64.AddrPC.Offset     = Info->ContextRecord->Eip;
    sf64.AddrStack.Offset  = Info->ContextRecord->Esp;
    sf64.AddrFrame.Offset  = Info->ContextRecord->Ebp;
    sf64.AddrPC.Mode= sf64.AddrStack.Mode= sf64.AddrFrame.Mode= AddrModeFlat;
    while (StackWalk64(IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_I386,GetCurrentProcess(),GetCurrentThread(),
        //... Do something with the stack frames
    throw WIN32EXCEPTION(/*...*/);

as I saw in some examples, but there is a problem: StackWalk64 always return true and that while loop becomes infinite. The StackWalk64 only repeats the same frame.

What is the problem, and how to fix?

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This looks very similar to code I've got, and that does work. The only difference I can see is that my code uses ZeroMemory() to clear the STACKFRAME64 structure before populating any parts of it - this may be required.

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And yes, that was the issue. –  Calmarius Feb 13 '09 at 12:53
You can do STACKFRAME64 sf64 = {0}; to zero it out too. –  Matt Clarkson Jan 30 '13 at 10:46

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