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I'm developing Flash project that will contain upto 100 .fla files. For example, they share one .as class. If I change this class, I'll need recompile all dependent .fla manually. How possible make this process faster?

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I would do this one of three ways:

  1. Instead of 100 FLA files, have one FLA that uses some means to 'swap' the parameters/items you need to change, e.g. through a menu, some parameters on the SWF embed, or JavaScript.
  2. If possible, make it an code-based ActionScript project and use the command-line mxmlc compiler that is included with the Flex SDK. Then you can create a batch or makefile that will build the SWF files.
  3. You can use the Flash IDE scripting language, JSFL, to automate the compiling of the FLAs. I have done this successfully on a few projects. Here is a link to the JSFL reference.
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I haven't had that much big project , but as I've worked with flex(flash builder) if you create an "actionscript project" and change that , as far as I remember , it doesn't need to recompile all of other the projects using it.

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You can use different extensions to ease the publish process.

PublishAll Command publishes all fla files open in the Flash IDE:

Batch-Publish Command publishes all fla files from a folder (you can include all subfolders too):

I've used both of them extensively and prefer Batch-Publish Command for the type of project you're talking about. Both extensions automagically go through the publish process without needing your input after setup.

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