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In the following code, the "add" action works as expected, but the remove action throws an error citing that Kohana "Cannot delete favorites model because it is not loaded."

Any ideas?

if ($_GET['action'] == 'add')
    $favorites = ORM::factory('favorites');
    $favorites->question_id = $_GET['question_id'];
    $favorites->user_id     = Kohana_Facebook::instance()->user_id();
elseif ($_GET['action'] == 'remove')
$favorites = ORM::factory('favorites')
    ->where('user_id', '=', $facebook->user_id())
    ->and_where('question_id', '=', $_GET['question_id'])

A var_dump($favorites) show this:

object(Model_Favorites)#24 (31) { 
["_table_name:protected"]=> string(9) "favorites" 
["_has_one:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_belongs_to:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_has_many:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_load_with:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_validation:protected"]=> NULL 
["_object:protected"]=> array(2) { ["user_id"]=> string(8) "60717257" ["question_id"]=> string(1) "2" } 
["_changed:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_related:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_valid:protected"]=> bool(false) 
["_loaded:protected"]=> bool(false) 
["_saved:protected"]=> bool(false) 
["_sorting:protected"]=> NULL 
["_foreign_key_suffix:protected"]=> string(3) "_id" 
["_object_name:protected"]=> string(9) "favorites" 
["_object_plural:protected"]=> string(11) "favoriteses" 
["_table_columns:protected"]=> array(2) { ["user_id"]=> array(13) { ["type"]=> string(3) "int" ["min"]=> string(11) "-2147483648" ["max"]=> string(10) "2147483647" ["column_name"]=> string(7) "user_id" 
["column_default"]=> NULL 
["data_type"]=> string(3) "int" 
["is_nullable"]=> bool(false) 
["ordinal_position"]=> int(1) 
["display"]=> string(2) "11" 
["comment"]=> string(0) "" 
["extra"]=> string(0) "" 
["key"]=> string(3) "PRI" 
["privileges"]=> string(31) "select,insert,update,references" } 
["question_id"]=> array(13) { ["type"]=> string(3) "int" ["min"]=> string(11) "-2147483648" ["max"]=> string(10) "2147483647" ["column_name"]=> string(11) "question_id" ["column_default"]=> NULL ["data_type"]=> string(3) "int" ["is_nullable"]=> bool(false) ["ordinal_position"]=> int(2) ["display"]=> string(2) "11" ["comment"]=> string(0) "" ["extra"]=> string(0) "" ["key"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["privileges"]=> string(31) "select,insert,update,references" } } ["_updated_column:protected"]=> NULL ["_created_column:protected"]=> NULL ["_primary_key:protected"]=> string(2) "id" ["_primary_key_value:protected"]=> NULL ["_table_names_plural:protected"]=> bool(true) ["_reload_on_wakeup:protected"]=> bool(true) ["_db:protected"]=> object(Database_MySQL)#23 (6) { ["_connection_id:protected"]=> string(40) "f9eb0f07846bef120d6d8414616f81f993f5306a" ["_identifier:protected"]=> string(1) "`" ["last_query"]=> string(98) "SELECT `favorites`.* FROM `favorites` WHERE `user_id` = '60717257' AND `question_id` = '2' LIMIT 1" ["_instance:protected"]=> string(7) "default" ["_connection:protected"]=> resource(73) of type (mysql link) ["_config:protected"]=> array(6) { ["type"]=> string(5) "mysql" ["connection"]=> array(3) { ["hostname"]=> string(9) "localhost" ["database"]=> string(17) "davekiss_dumbpoll" ["persistent"]=> bool(false) } ["table_prefix"]=> string(0) "" ["charset"]=> string(4) "utf8" ["caching"]=> bool(false) ["profiling"]=> bool(true) } } 
["_db_group:protected"]=> NULL 
["_db_applied:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_db_pending:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_db_reset:protected"]=> bool(true) 
["_db_builder:protected"]=> NULL 
["_with_applied:protected"]=> array(0) { } 
["_cast_data:protected"]=> array(0) { } }
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Yes, it is not loaded in your code.

You need to add find() before your delete()


As I can see - it is just a relation tables without single PK field (id)

You could delete row with something like:

DB::delete('favorites')->where('user_id', '=', $facebook->user_id())
                       ->and_where('question_id', '=', $_GET['question_id'])

Or you could use remove() method (since seems like you're using kohana ORM relations)

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I've tried this to no avail. I've updated the code above to reflect this change. Same error. –  Dave Kiss Mar 28 '11 at 0:23
@Dave Kiss: var_dump($favorites); –  zerkms Mar 28 '11 at 0:24
@zerkms Question updated –  Dave Kiss Mar 28 '11 at 0:28
@zerkms - Thanks for the update - does ORM::delete not work with table that lack a single PK? I am trying to keep it all ORM for consistency. –  Dave Kiss Mar 28 '11 at 0:37
@Dave Kiss: give a little more information about models then. The best way to do this is to write something like $user->remove('question', $question); where $user and $question are particular instances of entities that should be linked off. And user entity has many-to-many relation to question entity. –  zerkms Mar 28 '11 at 0:40

Face same issue and fixed with the solution

add code like

protected $_primary_key = 'your tables primary key';

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