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Why does everyone like jQuery more than prototype/script.aculo.us or MooTools or whatever?

I've read a bit about jQuery, prototype, and dojo recently. For me, jQuery's $ is really convenient to use. However, other libraries also provides very similar APIs. So I'm a bit surprised when I found there are more than 70,000 question about jQuery on StackOverFlow while both dojo and prototypes have less than 2000.

What makes such huge difference in popularity of these libraries?

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Might also find this relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/2450696/… –  Ken Franqueiro Mar 28 '11 at 3:20

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As LekisS said, the sheer fact that more people use jQuery is a very big benefit. When learning jQuery there are more resources online, and more help when you ask for it.

Then there are tons of plugins, which you can either take advantage of or use to learn more from.

The, the jQuery page itself has a great deal of easy to follow documentation. That's a key feature, it literally goes through each propert/method of the framework effectively... AND let's user's in the community comment on the documentation.


Plus, in it's early years, it got picked up by some major industry sites like Dell and Technorati. The recognition from these giants helped propel it's popularity.

Then John Resig, the developer of jQuery, was very outspoken - not only in text, but created a lot of videos showing off his expertise. Once people began to realize that he knew what he was talking about, it further helped jQuery take off.


If you watched it over the years, you'd see that the jQuery team was putting out performance figures, and best practices, etc... things to help the javascript programming community improve. Also, as it's matured, it hasn't become "bloated", it's touted as becoming more and more efficient with each release.

With everything they've done, it's quite easy to see how jQuery is as popular as it is... and keeps getting better as it matures.

My hats off to the jQuery team, job well done.

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jQuery is very lightweight and can easily be used by designers (non-developers). Also as there are more people using it, it makes support stronger. Which is really interesting for beginners looking for quick answers.

And I'm not talking about the quantity of plugins, frequent updates, etc. :)

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You've hit the nail on the head - the fact that jQuery is attractive to designers and other such non-coders is precisely what makes it win the popularity contest by a landslide (which seems to be the core question here). –  Ken Franqueiro Mar 28 '11 at 3:26
Yeah but it seems nobody agrees :D –  Thomas Menga Mar 28 '11 at 9:47

What makes such huge difference in popularity of these libraries?

While I agree jQuery is a very good library, but besides technical reasons I think they also benefit from a virtuous cycle and the network effect - the more popular the library became, the more developers they attracted, which again made it more popular, now it's the de-facto standard.

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For all I know, jQuery is almost valid on any browser, including mobile phone, and is actually developping plugins for "touch" phones. jQuery is easy to use, easy to change, well documented and new. So if you have to choose between 2 similar librairies, you take the one that is well documented.

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In my opinion, a proper marketing + user[developer]-friendly documentation are most important things that contribute to the success of JQuery (in general, to any product's success).

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JQuery is very well documented. I think that's one of the main key. If you want to jump on or learn something new you'll have to look for a wiki. That's what jquery have than the other libraries out there. I don't wan't to mention the obvious stuff because it's redundant.

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