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Example my current URL is{|df1eca3f79e122bd915651e5-1325102496|nJe_UcyAxMt2i6S40QWBKw6-Rek%22%2C%22sig%22%3A%22a7304578c9e00c14ed8e5825e2c2837b%22} 

The session is coming from Facebook.

Now I want remove or refresh the current URL to be

Let me know.

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The following will strip out the query string from the url and refresh the page

if(window.location.indexOf('?') > -1) {
  window.location = window.location.substr(0, window.location.indexOf('?'));

Also if you want to do this in php

if(strpos($uri, '?') !== false) {
  header('location: '.substr($uri, 0, strpos($uri, '?')));
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Do you want to keep the session variable? If not you can just use the header function:

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This is static way to redirect. (Ben Rowe) answer is good for dynamic url. In his answer every thing after ? will be removed so url will be very clean as required. – Gaurav Porwal Mar 28 '11 at 6:38

Have you looked at the PHP Server and Environment variables?

With your URL "" they should contain something like this:

$_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]: /category/health-beauty/
$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]:    /category/health-beauty/

$_ENV["SCRIPT_NAME"]: /category/health-beauty/

If you want to check all these variables and alot more, put <?php phpinfo(); ?> in a file op your domain and open it... You will be able to find just the right variables for your need!

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