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I am building string ( 3 different objects ) and at the end of string I put a newline when I print in console I get what expected but when I use setText in the textfield I get one line displayed, Is there a way to get the newline in textfield?

    while (itr.hasNext()) 
          tx +=   "\n"+el.getnombre() + " " +other+"\n";  
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Consider using a StringBuilder instead of tx += ... - if itr.hasAWholeBunch() then building tx will be very slow. –  corsiKa Mar 28 '11 at 2:10

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JTextField or TextField (not sure which you're using) are for single lines only. If you want a basic multiline text display and you're using Swing, then use a JTextArea. If you're not using Swing, then please tell us which GUI library you are using as this is an important detail that your question should mention.

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