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I have a many to many relationship (Sites, Categories, CategoriesXSite), I need to get all categories filtering by certain site names so I did my homework and made this linq:

var filteredcategories = from c in context.Categories
                       from s in c.Sites
                       where s.Name.Contains(siteWord)
                       select c;   

it works perfectly, the thing is I already have a method that filters sites and I want to reuse it like this:

var filteredcategories = from c in context.Categories
                       where c. Sites == FilterSites(siteWord)
                       select c; 

this is my filter method:

public IQueryable<Site> FilterSites(string word)
      return (from s in context.Sites
              where s.Name.Contains(word)
              select s);

Is this possible to accomplish?

Thanks in advance!

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If your sites have navigation property to categories you can try this:

var filteredcategories = FilterSites(siteWord).SelectMany(s => s.Categories);
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Hey!, thanks a lot, that did the trick!! – Milox Mar 29 '11 at 0:16

If I understand your requirement correctly, you can accomplish what you want by just selecting from your IQueryable object returned from FilterSites, like:

var filteredcategories = from c in FilterSites(siteWord) select c; 

I never use the linq query syntax... I assume that will get you what you want... the method syntax would look like:

var filteredcategories = FilterSites(siteWord).Where(s => s.Something = "something");
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