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Now, I'm using MVC pattern for web development. I use codeIgniter framework. I found http://fuelphp.com/ and http://kohanaframework.org/ , they are using HMVC. I still not clear of HMVC and why we should use HMVC instead of MVC ? I confuse after reading HMVC pattern and it's not too much different with MVC. Can you explain why we should use HMVC for web application development ?

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There is a really good article on the matter.

Scaling Web Applications with HMVC by Sam de Freyssinet

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Another HMVC framework that you should check out is Alloy. I have attempted to explain the concept in layman's terms on the HMVC Architecture manual page, and in this StackOverflow response to a similar question.

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Wow. Nice documentation. Easy to understand , what is HMVC. Thank. I understand HMVC after I read alloy documentation. –  saturngod Apr 26 '11 at 1:55
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