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how can I know the command line is: ./main or: ./main < filename

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Generally you shouldn't pay attention or care, but if you really need to, you can use something like

if (isatty(fileno(stdin)))
   // getting input from console
   // probably getting input from a file.

Neither isatty or fileno is a standardized part of C proper, but both are included in POSIX (if memory serves) and available on most non-POSIX systems as well (e.g., on Windows, though MS considers these names deprecated, and advises useing _isatty and _fileno respectively).

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If you are on a Unix (POSIX) system, you can use fstat() on the standard input file descriptor. You can then analyze the file type - up to a point. It is not clear that you can reliably and portably detect a pipe input, but you can detect files and character devices (probably a terminal, unless it is /dev/null) reliably.

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