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I am in the process of creating code generator for my CRUD java web database application. In the making of its Form page, I want to be able to present ENUM field data type, into a combo box. So, having this defined in a MySQL script :

`Employment Status` enum('CPNS','PNS') COLLATE latin1_general_ci NOT NULL,

I want to make an Employment Status as Combo Box (using <SELEC/> html input type) with CPNS,PNS as its content.

How can I enumerate the content of that field from database using JDBC??? Many thanks!

PS : Some my ask, why do I want to create my own code generator??? Well, I think it will be very fun to create such, and add it to our wide choice of alternative in Java Web universe.. :)

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 DatabaseMetaData meta = conn.getMetaData();
 rsColumns = meta.getColumns(null, "%", "", "%");
/*getColumns(String catalog, String schemaPattern, String tableNamePattern, String columnNamePattern)*/

 while ( 
      String columnType = rsColumns.getString("TYPE_NAME");
      String columnName = rsColumns.getString("COLUMN_NAME");

I think this can help you.

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Nice! I already use meta.getPrimaryKeys(), and able to get all its primary keys. I'll try that, and report it here. Btw, this is my java web framework : It may not the best solution there is, but I learn a lot in the process of making it! :) thanks – swdev Mar 28 '11 at 3:59
sorry, I just got time to continue this project. Now, it seems that your answer is not quite what I expected. Here I answered my own question. thanks – swdev Jul 25 '11 at 5:33

I just got this link : Re: JDBC and ENUM field types, I already test using show columns from table_x where field='employment status'. It show the enum content. But I still must parse it...

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Currently, I will accept my own answer, and if you can show a better way, I'll accept yours :) thanks – swdev Jul 25 '11 at 5:36
I will use this code :‌​in-a-mysql-database and already test this : SELECT SUBSTRING(COLUMN_TYPE,6,length(SUBSTRING(COLUMN_TYPE,6))-1) as enum_content FROM information_schema.COLUMNS WHERE TABLE_NAME='pegawai' AND COLUMN_NAME='golongan_darah' – swdev Jul 25 '11 at 5:46

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