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I want to gather samplings of all tweets from the past year. Being able to request tweets from a specific date would be great, but I'll take what I can get.

I do not want to find tweets by a specific user or containing a specific term, just a sampling of all tweets. The Twitter search API claims that a query term is optional, but if I try an empty query like


as opposed to giving a search term,


the response is

You must enter a query.

If the API really doesn't provide any functionality for this type of query, how can I hack around it? Are tweet ids roughly sequential by date and can I somehow use this info to grab bunches of tweets centered around an id of a tweet whose date I know?

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You are referencing the obsolete documentation. If you read the current version you will find that a query is required.

You should also know that the Search API only provides results going back about two weeks. You might be able to find historical data from sites like infochimps.

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Not useful for historical data, but in case someone stumbles across this question looking for a sampling of all current tweets, you want the streaming API. (This is my first foray into Twitter and I hadn't noticed it. I only saw the public timeline method in the normal API.)

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