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On my site I have a number of Google Maps (v3) that you can select via a TabPanel (one per tab) but there is a problem when you switch tabs. When you select the tab it does not "wake up" the map. To fix this I simply need to use, Window.getClientWidth(), Window.getClientHight()); this will active the resize listener on the map and "wake it up." My problem is that I cant get a pointer to the registered resize handlers for the browser window (it is package protected in therefore I don't know what to use as my source. If anyone has the answer to my solution or another possible solution it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

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I am not sure if using resize is the best way of doing this (I haven't embedded a map before), but you could consider using a TabLayoutPanel instead of a TabPanel, and call panel.onResize() instead of firing the resize event. Note that you would need to use *LayoutPanels (or something that implements ProvidesResize) all the way to the root of the document, and your page would need to be rendered in standards mode.

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Thanks for your reply but I figured out that these three lines:
HasLatLng center = mapWidget.getMap().getCenter();
Event.trigger(mapWidget.getMap(), "resize");
do the trick. This is basically what happens when the map loads initially. In the onLoad() method for MapWidget it makes a call to super.onLoad() then executes these three lines which "wakes up" the map and preserves the center point.

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Can't find Event.Trigger. Pls have a look:… – user905374 Oct 16 '13 at 15:05

If you are using GWT-Maps-V3-Api, there is a triggerResize() function in the MapWidget class that does the trick.

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