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I have 4 SQL tables as follows.

  • Registration
  • Optional table 1 [RegistrationID Foreign Key]
  • Optional table 2 [RegistrationID Foreign Key]
  • Optional table 3 [RegistrationID Foreign Key]

Basically, Registration contains data for ALL those optional tables, but each optional table holds different additional data for that registration, via a foreign key.

Using LINQ to SQL, what's the best way to only select the registrations associated with that Option table?

Pseudo-code would be
select all registrations where an entry in table [x] exists

Appreciate your help

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var results = from r in dc.Registration
              join o1 in dc.Optional1 on r.RegistrationID equals o1.RegistrationID
              select r;

This will only return the records in table Registration if they have associated records in Optional table 1

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Joins, duh!! :) –  Marko Mar 28 '11 at 20:19

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