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I am using WebMatrix for a site right now, and its built-in SQL Server Compact database, and it's alright, but it only lets you create one row at a time. It has no bulk insert features (as I expected). But, see I have tens of thousands of rows in a spreadsheet.

I used to use Navicat for SQL Server which let me define a table name, then it would automatically IMPORT the spreadsheet into a table! Tens of thousands of rows, All within about 30seconds. How can I get Navicat for SQL Server to connect to WebMatrix's database for my website so I can do mass-bulk-inserts?

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I have a Bulk Insert library, that you may be able to use:

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Hmmm, looks promising. I'll go check it out! Thanks. –  anon271334 Mar 28 '11 at 11:10

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