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Im new to MVC and EF. I have a basic app that lists info from a few (4) tables relating to some servers. One of the relationships is a many to many (Servers to Roles).

I pass my ViewData to the View by making use of this in the controller:

ViewData.Model = (from s in _db.Servers.Include("Locations").Include("OperatingSystems").Include("Roles")
                          select s).ToList();

However im not sure how to go about displaying the multiple roles for each server in my View?

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I am curious how to actually model this case and I think you're trying to find out the same thing. – Joe Philllips Jan 29 '10 at 2:46
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Suppose your ViewData.Model works and the Model is of List type.

<% foreach (var server in Model)
    <% foreach (var role in server.Roles)
    <li><%= role.Name %></li>
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