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I have the following tables: Users, RemindersFor, Reminders. RemindersFor contains a UserID and a ReminderID, Users has an Id and Reminders has an Id.

In the Users Map File (using Fluent NHibernate) I've put:

HasManyToMany<Reminder>(f => f.Reminders).AsBag()

However I then get exceptions: Invalid column name 'Id'.

The SQL That NHibernate Generates is:

{"could not initialize a collection: [Reminders#2][SQL: SELECT reminders0_.UserID as UserID1_, reminders0_.ReminderID as ReminderID1_, reminder1_.Id as Id6_0_, reminder1_.Created as Created6_0_, reminder1_.CreatedBy as CreatedBy6_0_, reminder1_.ReminderDate as Reminder4_6_0_, reminder1_.HeaderText as HeaderText6_0_, reminder1_.ReminderText as Reminder6_6_0_, reminder1_.LinkDS as LinkDS6_0_, reminder1_.LinkRecID as LinkRecID6_0_, reminder1_.Action as Action6_0_, reminder1_.ActionNotes as ActionN10_6_0_ FROM RemindersFor reminders0_ left outer join Reminders reminder1_ on reminders0_.ReminderID=reminder1_.Id WHERE reminders0_.UserID=?]"}

Seems odd to me that when I run this is sql management studio it works (except I have to change UserID=? to UserID=1 etc...

Am I defining the Many-To-Many wrong in some way?

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The HasManyToMany looks right to me if it's in your User mapping. Can you post the mappings for User and Reminders? –  Cole W Mar 28 '11 at 11:50
Everything looks correct. Can you verify that the exception is generated by the database and on the sql that you posted? Furthermore, make sure that you're accessing the same database in NHibernate as in management studio. –  Vadim Mar 28 '11 at 15:14
Post the full exception including stack trace and inner exceptions (ex.ToString()) –  Diego Mijelshon Mar 29 '11 at 1:52

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