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I have "Form Designer" web application, in which I need to post the controls of the new form to an ASP.Net page to insert to DB, each time I create form control. I push it into two dimensional array, when user click save, this array will be serialized and sent to Server Page using Ajax.

Array string After Serialization Looks Like :



I used JSON.stringify(objCF_JSON) to serialize it. Now how to De-Serialize the Array Again using Newton in VB.Net into two dimensional arrays?

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It is not a two dimensional array, it is a single dimension array with 2 objects.

List<SomeObject> objects = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<SomeObject>>(json);

where SomeObject has the properties name, width, height

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thanks Tony, my problem was in String Format , also in Newton DLL, the problem was in Datatypes of the class – MuniR Mar 28 '11 at 12:58

Also you can use another one function of JSON library to deserialize string to object - JSON.parse(stringedObj).

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