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Say I have file test.txt with content:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam rhoncus dictum eros, eu molestie lectus cursus sit amet. Aliquam lectus erat, ultricies sit amet venenatis et, tincidunt eget magna.

What I need, it is to read whole file word-by-word but... with words sorted. So:


any ideas?

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tr ' ' '\n' < test.txt | sort -u

Remove the -u if you want duplicates

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for w in `cat test.txt`; do echo "$w"; done | sort

Remove punctuation as well:

for w in `cat test.txt`; do echo "$w"; done | sed 's,[^a-zA-Z],,g' | sort
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tr "[[:space:]]" "\n" < file| sed 's/[[:punct:]]$//' | sort


ruby -0777 -ne 'puts $_.split.map{ |x| x.gsub(/[[:punct:]]$/,"") }.sort' file
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