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If you have ever used an image editing application, you will know there is a group of buttons for selecting the current tool. One tool must be selected at all times, and when a tool is selected, the button stays pressed until a different tool is selected.

I have created a ToolStrip control and added my ToolStripButton items to it, and set the images. For each button I have set the CheckOnClick property to true.

What I was going to do next is subscribe to the Checked event of each button and set the other buttons CheckState to unchecked. It seems like a kind of hack, though.

Does .NET have a way to accomplish this with the ToolStrip control, or is there a better control to use?

I am using C# and VS 2010, targeting .NET framework 4

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I thinks there is no way to have tfully automated radio buttons on a ToolStrip.

However, it could be made semi-automated:

In each of your click events call SetToolButtonsChecked(sender);

    private void toolStripButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

which is implemented as:

    private static void SetToolButtonsChecked(object sender)
        ToolStripButton btn = sender as ToolStripButton;
        ToolStrip strip = btn.GetCurrentParent();
        foreach (ToolStripItem item in strip.Items)
            if (!(item is ToolStripButton)) continue;
            ToolStripButton btnTemp = item as ToolStripButton;
            if (!btnTemp.CheckOnClick) continue;
            btnTemp.Checked = btnTemp.Equals(btn);

This method iterates all buttons on the same toolstrip and sets the Checked property accordingly, if the button has property CheckOnClick = true.

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