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I want to be able to do few things using PHP: to setup CRON to run specific file at a specific moment (easy) and at the same time to get some sort of ID of that job, which would allow me to track/or cancel the job before it was even started. I would keep track of those IDs in my Database.

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Messing directly with system files likes cron via PHP isn't really a good idea.

  • I would set up a master cron job file first which set up to run at every 5 mins and later will control all of your tasks
  • Build a solid database backend where you can store your tasks (script, start time, frequency etc.)
  • Build a panel where you can manage your tasks, start them, hold them, etc.
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Check with your web-host. Besides running cron from the command-line or a script, some web management panels (like CPanel) has a graphical interface for setting up cron jobs.

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No, I need to setup these cron tasks from my PHP script. – Gajus Kuizinas Mar 28 '11 at 9:51

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