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I am attempting to add unobtrusive JavaScript to a file upload input control, using a custom HTML Helper extension. However, I have checked various blogs which use different methods to create the control, such as tab-builder but I couldn't find out how the unobtrusive data tags are added.

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Unobtrusive data tags mainly means using the HTML 5 extensible "data-" attribute.

Check this blog post of Brad Wilson about unobtrusive javascript in MVC 3, he describes the various attributes used by the unobtrusive framework.

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How do I get the validation function to call? For example, the required attribute will add data-val-required to the input. When building my own custom HtmlHelper, how do I know what attribute has been set on the input? –  Extrakun Mar 28 '11 at 16:13
@Extrakun - Won't you be setting it yourself using the Tag Builder? Maybe I'm not following completely, have you started on some code that you can show? –  Sergi Papaseit Mar 28 '11 at 21:45

If you are using TagBuilder, you can do this:

var validationAttributes = html.GetUnobtrusiveValidationAttributes(name, metadata);

then use MergeAttributes on your tagbuilder to add the unobtrusive validation attributes to your tag.

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