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Can't seem to get Kaminari to work properly with nested resources. Here is a description of my problem. Wondering if anybody was able to tackle this issue.

My routes look like:

resources :artists do
  resources :paintings

In my view, I have:

<%= paginate @paintings, :params => { :controller => 'paintings', :action => 'index' } %>

The initial / base url looks like this:


But clicking on a kaminari paginate link, renders the url like this:


It's supposed to be:

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I've just had this same problem myself - in case anyone else ends up on this page this is how I solved it:

In routes.rb you need to move your "outer" route to below your nested. So if you had:

resources :questions
resources :subject_areas do
  resources :questions

you need to change it to:

resources :subject_areas do
  resources :questions
resources :questions

This made the pagination links start working as expected above.

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you awesome, thanks! :) –  milushov Feb 3 '14 at 9:09
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Ooops. Just realised, apparently a route was being prioritized....

Seems to work now...

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