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I wanted to rename a file called test.py to main.py. test.py is under subversion version control. I renamed the file directly, but realized later that I should have used svn rename instead. Now svn status shows the following:

? main.py
! test.py

Any way to fix this ?

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Rename it back, then use svn rename?

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This is correct approach. There's no need to revert anything here. –  Dialecticus Mar 28 '11 at 10:41

If you just renamed it but don't change it use: svn revert and then svn rename. In other case do svn delete main.py and svn add test.py

P.S. The advantage of the svn rename is that file history will be saved. When you do delete and the add the file history will be lost.

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Backup the modifications made in main.py, revert test.py, delete main.py (you have a backup), svn rename test.py into main.py, copy/paste the code from your backup to main.py, and commit.

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svn revert test.py should solve your problem.

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