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I have some data in a pivot table which is basically customer and the (sum) of their transactions by date per year. The issue I have is that I can't group the dates by month. I tried grouping but it didn't work.

             Jul-10 1   15.000,00        15.000,00     15.000,00
             Sep-10 1   15.000,00        15.000,00     15.000,00
             Oct-10 1   15.000,00        15.000,00     15.000,00
             Oct-10 1    5.000,00         5.000,00      5.000,00
             Nov-10 1    1.250,00         1.250,00      1.250,00
             Dec-10 1   15.000,00        15.000,00     15.000,00
             Jan-11 1    7.000,00         7.000,00      7.000,00

So from above I want to "merge the Oct-10" values.

Is it possible to do that?

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If Excel recognises the DATE TRANSACTIONS field as a date data type, then right clicking within the field on the pivot and selecting the group and show detail option within the context menu should achieve what you're after.

If this doesnt work, and you only know the month, try changing the data - e.g. 1 Sep 2010 for the Sep-10 values etc.

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