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I understand that I have to use the UIAccelerometer to detect which angles that will exist in a regular golf swing.

The best equivalent that came to my mind is that I want to use the iPhone just like the Nintento Wii control.

Is it possible to swing the iPhone like a golf club and be able to decide:

  • Wheather it's a roughly accurate swing (if it's more like a tennis swing = throw error)

  • Perhaps store the angles the iphone registers on the "back swing". If I store five values each x second on the "back swing" and then check if these values are roughly equal to the "front swing".

  • I also need to decide how hard the swing is, perhaps if I can check this a moment before the iphone reaches the default position (start position before starting the swing movement). I know that I can't calculate the speed between two positions with UIAccelerometer, but maybe I can solve this in some other way?

Answer from Apple Review Team on this question

Thank you for contacting the App Review team. Apple is not able to provide pre-approval to developers for proposed application submissions or to review and comment on application concepts, including business models. That said, the concept does not violate the guidelines; however, the app will need to be evaluated to ensure the implementation is in compliance.

Personally I think an app like this would be approved, but an app where you is supposed to throw you device as near as possible to a location should be disapproved. This is how I interpret this.

Anyway, I've learned that my question, which was if the swing was possible, is absolutely doable with the usage of the Accelerometer with a High pass fitler and a Low pass filter.

Have in consideration: If you are about to develop an app with the same concept, don't get angry if it gets rejected.

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Some people are going to smash their iPhone when this app is released :) –  Anne Mar 28 '11 at 11:17
I just want to know how to develop this, it's for my own winning :) –  Fernando Redondo Mar 28 '11 at 13:43

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There's a reasonable chance that Apple won't let an app like this into the app store. Read the human interface guidlines: they say to not encourage the user to do anything which might cause them to damage their device. And with doing a golf swing, I can imagine somebody somewhere letting go of their iPhone and then kablooie...

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I understand that, but my intention isn't to upload this app to the App Store. I'm curious of how to solve this question. –  Fernando Redondo Mar 28 '11 at 13:43

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