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Currently i can create PDF files from images in Imagick with this function


And it's possible to fetch multiple pages with imagick like this

$im = new imagick("file.pdf[0]");
$im2 = new imagick("file.pdf[1]");

But is it possible to save two image objects to two pages? (example of what i am thinking, its not possible like this)


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I know this is long past due, but this result came up when I was trying to do the same thing. Here is how you create a multi-page PDF file in PHP and Imagick.

    $images = array(
$pdf = new Imagick($images);
if (!$pdf->writeImages('combined.pdf', true)) {
    die('Could not write!');
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Is there a way to do this from image blobs (as opposed to image files)? – dicroce Nov 30 '11 at 17:00

Is this working?



exec("convert file*.pdf all.pdf");
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This returns a Segmentation fault. Nice try though :S – Ólafur Waage Feb 13 '09 at 13:17
convert file1.pdf file2.pdf all.pdf also does not work – Ólafur Waage Feb 13 '09 at 13:17

CAM::PDF is a pure-Perl solution for low-level PDF manipulation like this. You can either use the command-line tool, or do it programmatically like this:

use CAM::PDF; my $doc1 = CAM::PDF->new('file1.pdf'); my $doc2 = CAM::PDF->new('file2.pdf'); $doc1->appendPDF($doc2); $doc1->cleanoutput('out.pdf');

If you can figure out how to make ImageMagick write to a string instead of to a file (I'm not an ImageMagick expert...) then you save some performance overhead by keeping it all in Perl.

(I'm the author of CAM::PDF. It's free software: GPL+Artistic dual-licensed).

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Accepted answer wasn't working for me, as a result, it always generated one page pdf (last image from constructor), to make this work I had to get file descriptor first, like this:

$images = array(
  'img1.png', 'img2.png'
$fp = fopen('combined.pdf', 'w');
$pdf = new Imagick($images);
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I do not know php or this Imagick library, but if calling an external program is acceptable I can recommend the program pdfjoin to merge pdf files.

It does have an dependency to pdflatex, so if this is something you intend to run on a server you might have to install extra latex stuff, but the end result from pdfjoin is very good, so I think it will be worth it.

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