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Hey, messing about with ext.net and running into a few minor issues.

Im trying to run a server-side method when a user clicks on a row in a GridPanel. From the examples I read on the Internet it should be straight forward, but it is not working.

So, I have a GridPanel (in MyTest.aspx)

<ext:GridPanel ... >
       <RowClick Handler="SetCustomer"/>

and then the server-side method (in MyTest.aspx.cs)

    public void SetCustomer()
        uint customerId = 0;
        // does nothing

The SetCustomer is not executed, but the listener is working. I check this by instead of

<RowClick Handler="SetCustomer"/>

I do

<RowClick Handler="alert('test')"/>

and that works. So, any ideas would be appreciated =)

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<RowClick Handler="Ext.net.DirectMethods.SetCustomer();"/>

See http://examples.ext.net/#/Events/DirectMethods/Overview/

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Thanks. Hmm, I just thought that was a namespace in my actual project, and thus I didnt use it... hehe. –  Ted Mar 28 '11 at 12:50

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