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When i add a string value into array through array_push(), it give me a numeric value i.e

foreach($array as $value){
        $push=array_push($array2, $value);

It output is 3.what i want to is $array2 = array("test","test2","one")

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well, your code is working correctly... – mauris Mar 28 '11 at 11:07
yeah the code is working correctly but i need one should add at the end of an array and when i print_r($push) it should be like this array [0]=>test,[1]=>test2,[2]=>one – souce code Mar 28 '11 at 11:11
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The array_push is working as it is designed for.

It will add the value and returns the number of elements in that array.

so it is natural if it is returning 3 your array has 2 elements after array push there are now three elements.

You should print_r($array2) your array and look the elements.

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This line:

$push = array_push($array2, $value);

Should be just

array_push($array2, $value);

array_push() uses reference to the array for the first parameter. When you print_r(), you print the array $array2, instead of $push.

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You are printing the return value of array_push which is the number of items in the array after the push. Try this:


$array = array("one","two","three");
$array2 = array("test","test2");

foreach ($array as $value) {
    if ($value === 'one') {
       array_push($array2, $value);

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array_push modifies $array2. $push contains count($array2).

Check http://php.net/array_push.

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array_push takes the array by reference and returns the new number of elements in the array, not the new array as described here. That is why you are getting 3. If you want to see the elements in the array use printr($array2);

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Really, you should be using $array2[] = $value; which will put the value in the first available numeric key in the array, rather than array_push().

To get the value of the last element in the array(i.e. what you just added) and keep the array intact, use end($array), or to get the last element and remove it from array, use array_pop($array)

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